About EOS imaging

EOS imaging is a global medical device company that provides innovative, low dose 2D/3D imaging and software solutions. We design unique imaging systems and Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS) to collectively bridge the entire spectrum of care, from imaging to surgical planning and post-operative assessment capabilities for orthopedic surgery.

As a team, our mission is to connect imaging to care. That means delivering safe, accurate, and consistent imaging data to improve patient outcomes while supporting clinical efficiency. Our company is challenging the status quo in medical imaging and orthopedic care workflows with powerful, patient-centered solutions.

Over 1 million patient exams per year
400 systems installed worldwide
Available in 40 countries

Our history

Originally founded as Biospace Med in 1989, EOS imaging has grown into a worldwide provider of advanced medical imaging systems and solutions.

EOS imaging is the result of years of collaboration between world-class physicists, engineers, radiologists, and surgeons. Our company was built by Georges Charpak, a brilliant scientist in the field of radiology and imaging, and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992.

The first EOS systems were installed in Europe and North America in 2008. In 2012, EOS imaging became a publicly traded company on Euronext Paris (EOSI). Today, we support providers who serve patients across more than 40 countries.

EOS imaging is based in Paris and has five subsidiaries in Besançon (France), St. Paul – Minneapolis (USA), Montréal (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany), and Singapore.


Clinical Partners

EOS is the result of strong interactions with orthopedic surgeons and radiologists, who shared with EOS engineers their dissatisfaction with the dose and diagnostic information available through standard CT and X-ray exams. Amongst them was Pr. Jean Dubousset, one of the twentieth century’s most famous spinal deformity surgeons. Today, EOS imaging nurtures a strong collaboration with clinical research teams in dozens of top-ranked hospitals around the world on topics that range from musculoskeletal radiology and dose reduction to advanced orthopedic applications based on 3D personalized patient models.

Academic Partners

EOS imaging maintains long-term collaborative relationships with several leading institutions such as ENSAM ParisTech Human Biomechanics Institute Georges Charpak in Paris, the lmaging and Orthopedics Research Laboratory of the Ecole de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) in Montreal, Telecom ParisTech’s Laboratory of Excellence for imaging processing and others, and is an active member of the Competitiveness Cluster MEDICEN Ile de France. EOS is a supporting partner of several French and European collaborative research projects, some of which include FP7, Eurostars, FUI and ANR Tecsan.

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The EOS solution refers to the following medical devices manufactured by EOS imaging:
- EOS System
- EOSedge
- sterEOS workstation
and to the following medical devices manufactured by oneFIT medical:
- EOSapps refer to hipEOS and spineEOS
- oneFIT Knee Planner
- oneFIT Knee PSI

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the devices.