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EOS imaging provides accurate information at all stages of care, from diagnosis and surgical planning to post­ operative evaluation and follow up. Our imaging platform supports surgeons with accurate, low dose orthopedic images to improve clinical guidance and surgical strategies.

EOS imaging equips surgeons with insights on functional patient positioning, including skeletal alignment and upright, weight­ bearing 2D/3D measurements.

EOS imaging provides reliable and consistent information to healthcare teams. Our technology makes it possible for surgeons to gather, visualize, and plan around accurate anatomical measurements that support optimal patient outcomes.

EOS 3D models and 3D surgical planning solutions allow physicians to inform patients on treatment strategies and expectations for surgery. Use our platform to track patient outcomes using accurate image-based data that is trusted across the orthopedic community.

Spine Surgery
Pediatric Orthopedics
Lower Limb & Joint Replacement

Solutions for Spine Surgery

EOS imaging supports physicians management of degenerative spinal conditions and spinal deformities. EOS exams allow for the evaluation of skeletal alignment, understand functional impact and develop a comprehensive approach to surgical considerations. Our innovative 2D/3D imaging solutions empower care teams to understand their patient's spinal pathology and how the body may be compensating for that condition.

EOS Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS) support surgical strategy with accurate 3D measurements and planning tools for use across spinal procedures. Biplanar X-ray images, 3D models and 3D surgical planning tools allow physicians to develop surgical strategies and make confident decisions in the operating room.

EOS imaging helps physicians achieve a complete understanding of each patient. Together, our combination of exceptional image quality, comprehensive patient evaluations, and 3D parameters support outstanding clinical guidance at all stages of spine care.

Pediatric Orthopedics

EOS is an ideal imaging solution for pediatric orthopedics. EOS exams deliver a low dose of radiation, ensuring safe imaging for children with scoliosis, lower limb deformities, and other skeletal pathologies. Our technology allows pediatric physicians to understand and monitor patient deformities using fast, safe, and dependable imaging.

EOS Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS) provides 3D modeling and surgical planning tools for both conservative care and surgical management. AOS empowers surgical teams to plan spinal procedures for scoliosis deformities with confidence.

Pediatric care teams can use the EOS solution to provide a safe, efficient, and approachable imaging experience for their patients. Our systems feature patient-centered designs to help children feel comfortable during exams-while minimizing radiation dose at every step of their care journey.

Solutions for Lower Limb & Joint Replacement

EOS solutions support lower limb and joint replacement surgeons with exams that have no magnification, enabling an accurate diagnosis, templating and surgical planning. EOS is an ideal modality to assess lower limb alignment in the weight-bearing position, allowing care teams to efficiently gather pre-operative data-and optimize procedures using those insights.

EOS Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS) offer 3D modeling, 3D surgical planning tools, and OR integration. AOS lets physicians develop informed surgical strategies in order to plan and perform surgery with confidence.

hipEOS surgical planning software provides accurate 3D parameters for evaluating the hip/spine relationship, as well as other factors to help assess implant positioning. Our technology empowers surgical teams with precise pre­operative data, which can be used to guide surgical operations and optimize patient outcomes.

EOS solutions deliver precise, accurate imaging information to help stay informed across all stages of care. For surgery, the EOS platform helps physicians determine the resources needed before setting foot in the operating room – ensuring they make the best use of available time and space.


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