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EOS imaging system’s use a low dose of radiation to deliver safe, high-quality X-ray images for clinical decision making.

EOS solutions are ideal for skeletal deformity management, such as scoliosis and lower limb deformities, thanks to a combination of low dose exams, biplanar X-rays and functional 3D data. EOS imaging supports conservative treatments and surgical planning strategies with a unique combination of unbiased 1:1 images and precise 3D information delivered through Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS).

EOS Solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and throughput­ while providing an comfortable imaging experience for patients. Our solutions aim to streamline imaging workflows and deliver outstanding clinical value at all stages of care.

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The EOS solution refers to the following medical devices manufactured by EOS imaging:
- EOSedge
- sterEOS workstation

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the devices.