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EOS imaging offers a unique, innovative combination of low dose, full body imaging systems and Advanced Orthopedic Solutions (AOS). These technologies and services work together to form a comprehensive solution for radiologists and orthopedic surgeons, bringing value across the entire care pathway.

As the global leader in orthopedic medical imaging and software solutions, EOS imaging supports medical teams worldwide in managing patients and advancing care. Please explore the resources below to see how our high-precision imaging systems and AOS can complement your facility, hospital, or practice in treating your patients.

Bringing you

Improved Outcomes
Because so many people are afflicted by musculoskeletal conditions and looking for better outcomes
Safe Exams
Because patients deserve safe exams at the lowest radiation dose possible
3D Imaging
Because bodies are 3D and weight-bearing so medical images should be too
Full Body Imaging
Because the spine, hips and knees need to be looked at as a global system, not separately

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration Between Solutions
Patient-Centered Experience
Facility-Wide Efficiency/Workflows

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The EOS solution refers to the following medical devices manufactured by EOS imaging:
- EOSedge
- sterEOS workstation

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the devices.