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EOS imaging provides biplanar radiographs, 3D models, and precise clinical parameters to enhance your imaging suite capabilities. Our imaging system’s deliver fast, low dose exams to improve efficiencies across your department while enabling accurate patient assessments.

The EOS solution offers X-ray exams with a radiation dose that is As Low As Diagnostically Acceptable (ALADA). Our imaging systems capture functional, weight-bearing images without magnification or stitching. Additionally, 3D parameters can be generated for more confident decision-making at all stages of care.

The EOS platform offers exceptional clinical information for radiologists to engage with patients on their diagnosis or skeletal anatomy. Our solutions provide dependable, high-quality imaging data for patient diagnosis, while streamlining imaging workflows to improve department efficiencies.

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The EOS solution refers to the following medical devices manufactured by EOS imaging:
- EOSedge
- sterEOS workstation

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the devices.