EOS 3D Modeling

EOS biplanar images can be translated into patient-specific 3D models of the spine, pelvis, and lower limbs. This capability, unique to EOS imaging solutions, delivers 3D modeling and associated accurate clinical parameters from ALADA exams. It aims to support physicians in the assessment of musculoskeletal pathologies and identification of treatment options to improve clinical outcomes.

Key Benefits 

EOS images, together with 3D models and accurate associated clinical parameters, deliver unique information allowing to better understand patient's anatomy in a functional weight bearing position.
Fast 3D modeling workflows dedicated to "in-house" processing combined with the option to outsource advanced 3D modeling allow to streamline the access to unique 3D information along a patient's care pathway.
3D modeling created by EOS imaging helps physicians engage with patients to explain their diagnosis or treatment options. After each exam, patients can be provided with their report including EOS images, 3D models and associated parameters for better understanding of their conditions.


The EOS solution refers to the following medical devices manufactured by EOS imaging:
- EOSedge
- sterEOS workstation

Please read carefully the labeling provided with the devices.