About us

EOS imaging is a global medical device company that develops and markets advanced imaging and imaged-based solutions for diagnosing, treating and monitoring the most common musculoskeletal pathologies.

The company is challenging the status quo in orthopedic imaging, offering 2D and 3D precision at a low dose and championing a new patient-specific standard of care…

  • • Because so many people are afflicted by musculoskeletal conditions and looking for better outcomes

  • • Because patients deserve safe exams at the lowest radiation dose possible

  • • Because bodies are 3D and weight-bearing so medical images should be too

  • • Because the spine, hips and knees need to be looked at as a global system, not separately

For all these reasons and more, EOS imaging develops and markets its full body, low dose medical imaging system (EOS), 2D/3D workstation (sterEOS) and a suite of online, 3D surgical planning solutions for the spine and hip (EOSapps).

We strive to ‘connect imaging to care’.


Our History

Our company originates from scientific research on radiation detection that was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992. Since then, world-class physicists, engineers, radiologists and surgeons have worked together to transform science into technology. The result was an imaging solution that addressed the specific needs for skeletal imaging: a fast, full body imaging system that offers low dose and the ability to generate 3D images and data.

By 2008, the first EOS systems were installed in Europe and North America. In 2012, EOS imaging became a publicly traded company on Euronext Paris (EOSI). Today, the EOS platform is available in 51 countries, including the United States, Japan, China and the European Union. The company is based in Paris and has five subsidiaries in Besançon (France), Cambridge (USA), Montréal (Canada), Frankfurt (Germany) and Singapore.